Visual Surveys

Visual Surveys

Most building managers would agree that regular inspections are essential for successful roof management. They also understand that basic roof-management and routine maintenance reduces ownership costs, leak frequency and severity, and extends roof life.

Everlast annual visual inspections and corrective action of deficient conditions can greatly increase the service life of any roof system. In addition regular scheduled inspections are required by all manufacturers in order for building owners to meet the terms of system manufacturers warranty requirements.

Everlast surveyors inspect the entire roof area documenting and photographing all observed defects and noting areas of concern. The training and experience of the Everlast surveyor allows them to evaluate roof defects and note possible future problem areas.

A visual survey should include:

  • An examination of the roof system, flashings, sheet-metal flashings, drains, and gutters etc.
  • An evaluation of observed conditions that might affect the long-term performance of the roof system.
  • Identify and record deficiencies requiring corrective action

Everlast surveyors will then either carry out localised repairs at the time of the visual survey or, dependant on the agreement, arrange to return to make good with the clients instruction.