Standing Steel

Standing Seam Profiled Systems

Standing seam roofing and cladding systems enable you to create innovative, long-lasting, high performance and low maintenance solutions for the building envelope. This can be achieved using aluminium profiled sheets and other inspiring metal finishes.

A standing seam roof has the following benefits:


  • A low risk of water penetration as there are no external penetrations of the outer sheet required and no end laps
  • The systems are lightweight making them ideal for steel frame new build and for refurbishment
  • The roof systems are low maintenance
  • Complex shapes can be formed, including waveform curves, tapers - offering architectural appeal
  • Roof penetrations such as rooflights, access hatches and smoke vents can be incorporated without compromise to the roof system
  • Can be used on designs using a Structural Deck, where purlins could be eliminated from the construction

At Everlast we work with various gauge metals and various types of metals, ranging from pre-finished galvanized steel and aluminium to copper, stainless steel, and lead.

Standing seam systems can be manufactured on site to produce long sheets, which would not normally be possible to deliver by road. This again assists deign ability of the systems.

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