Everlast has the ability to provide both roofing and solar solutions delivered by our dedicated and experienced team. We provide and install quality products, through our consortium.
With electricity costs continuing to rise, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity. Everlast have assisted companies allowing them to gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site.

Our dedicated team designs each system to ensure that the solution meets your specific requirements, while maximising returns.  Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:

  • Lower your energy bills and running costs.
  • Protect Against Future Electricity Price Increases.
  • Benefit from inflation-linked returns.
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Demonstrate your green credentials
  • Utilise the roof area to generate a second income stream

With solar PV guaranteed by a manufacturers warranty to continue producing electricity for at least 20 - 25 years, and with the pervading economic and regulatory shift towards positive environmental practices, investing in a solar photovoltaic system now could reap you benefits for years to come.

With electricity prices likely to rise year on year due to supply shortages of fossil fuels, a solar PV installation is an investment worth considering for any new build or refurbishment project.

Solar PV is now proven to be a reliable technology.  A Solar PV system has no moving parts and therefore requires very little maintenance.

The earnings you can make from the Feed-in Tariff scheme will repay the cost of the installation over a period of time and help you generate a return on your investment over the lifetime of the scheme.

It is essential that prior to proceeding with any PV installation that your current roof (that proposed to take the PV system) is surveyed to ensure that it has a life expectancy that exceeds the guarantee of the PV system, so ensuring the economic basis of the installation can be realised. This is often forgotten and can cause significant maintenance issues going forward.

There are a lot of systems and manufacturers available but we recommend the use of:

  • Thin Film PV System

This system can generate electricity on all roof types. This highly innovative product is very easy to apply, becomes an integral part of the roof and has a high energy yield.

The systems is installed in the same manor as a normal waterproofing polymer bitumen membrane, without the need to puncture the waterproofing membrane, or the  need for supporting structures required for traditional panel systems. It is therefore ideal for new build or refurbishment projects.

The system is very light weight, but above flexible. It is the ideal product to adapt to the design of any roof.

The thin film system uses technology of thin-film triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells. It harnesses the blue, green and red components of the solar spectrum which are absorbed in different layers of the cell.

The cells produce energy even with indirect solar radiation, with diffused light and low solar irradiation levels. This is the solution for a higher yield compared to traditional panels and also operates in any weather condition.

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