Sheeting and Cladding


In addition to roof waterproofing and cladding, Everlast has a wealth of experience in the whole building envelope including vertical cladding.

How the vertical cladding is designed and installed can have a significant impact on the final appearance of the building and we pride ourselves on our experience of being able to provide what the client wants with careful installation and attention to detail.  We have experienced staff at both design and delivery level to ensure we provide a quality product and solution that meets your needs.

Cladding systems often provide the main aesthetic for a building, while achieving many technical performance criteria such as fire, moisture, acoustic, detailing, environmental concerns and a host of other technical issues that can be attributed to the building envelope.
Walls have different performance criteria, generally speaking, from roof systems.  However, wall cladding systems also offer a wider range of choice, especially considering cost. It is therefore essential that the performance criteria and budget are established at the outset.

We specialise in the following installations:

Plastisol-Coated Cladding

Modernising and enhancing traditional buildings, providing weather screen and additional insulation. Various plastisol PVC coatings make good attractive finishes for steel framed buildings. The plastisol is quite durable and effective on buildings exposed to damaging environmental conditions.

Composite Panel

When any thin skins are bonded to a lightweight core, a sandwich or composite panel is formed. By assembling individually flexible materials in this way, very light but rigid Panels are created, optimising the properties of each component.

A large range of materials can be used but if metal sheets are combined with a core which has good thermal insulation properties the composite panel forms an ideal building element for roof & wall cladding.

Standard pre-finished metal facings, commonly used as cladding sheets or factory-finished composite cladding panel are also available. This one-piece product combines a lining sheet, insulation and outer sheet, so it can be quickly and simply fixed on site, providing efficiency, high quality and reliability.

Today the panels are used for cladding the roofs and walls of many industrial and commercial buildings, to meet with modern building requirements, keep heat loss to a minimum, and preventing condensation

Single Skin & Double Skin

Single skin roof sheeting and wall sheeting is one of the most economic methods of covering steel framed storage warehouses. Double skin insulated roof sheeting or wall sheeting or both will reduce condensation and reduce temperature change especially in a storage warehouse. Insulation is essential if the storage space is to be heated or cooled and a double skin roof will reduce the chances of energy loss.


Oversheeting can be adapted for most pitched roofs and cladding. This means the original roof or cladding remains in place providing weather protection, whilst a proprietary spacer bar system is installed to support the new covering.

A choice of roof and cladding coverings can be utilised such as colour coated steel and aluminium profiled sheeting. Standing seam and concealed fix systems are available for low-pitch roof applications.

Oversheeting also provides an ideal opportunity to incorporate additional insulation, thereby reducing heat loss through the roof.

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