Rapid Response

Rapid Response


Everlast have it covered

Everlast clients benefit from top quality roofing solutions, and can also rely on the integrity of our installations for years to come. Everlast are based in key locations nationwide, so we can offer a unique Rapid Response to maintenance problems and water ingress at any time. We even offer our exceptional service to clients with roofs that have never received any previous Everlast work.

We are working hard to ensure that our new innovative designs and waterproof solutions minimise any risks, but it is always good to have a back up should the unexpected happen. Thankfully, with Rapid Response, an Everlast operative can be with you and dealing with any emergency in as little as 2 hours. We have even installed tracking systems in our vehicles so we can inform our customers of just how soon help will be arriving. All our operatives are fully trained installers and have wide experience that covers most roofing systems. Their problem solving abilities guarantee a speedy, safe solution to any problem.

We also carry Health and Safety arrangements in vehicles so that any work that does need to be carried out is dealt with quickly and efficiently and is not held up waiting for Health and Safety clearance. We have the very latest technologies to help us get to the heart of the problem quickly and easily.


An Everlast Roof Managed Asset (EMA) programme aims to meet the specific requirements of clients by including a full inspection of the roof with thermal imaging and leak detection diagnostic tests. Any defects and recommendations for repairs are brought to the client's attention so that any potential problems can be dealt with straight away. Clients who already enjoy the peace of mind that an EMA Programme brings include Network Rail and Carillion.

Everlast Maintenance Programmes are specifically designed to meet the unique needs that different clients have. Maintenance Programmes are drawn up with the client by experienced roof maintenance managers and the programmes themselves are managed by dedicated staff who really know the industry.

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