Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Technologically advanced liquid applied roofing membranes have advanced significantly over the last 50 years and have now become a major player in all sectors of the roofing industry.

Liquids offer complete solutions for all roof coating requirements as well as having a number of key advantages over other materials including:

  • A completely seamless, waterproof roofing membrane
  • Installed minimising the need for heat or naked flame so the major Health & Safety risks are mitigated
  • Cold applied built-up roof systems are available, including insulation to help meet Part L regulations
  • Liquid membranes are tough and elastomeric
  • They are easily applied to large areas and ensure that complex details are easily dealt with and free from joints, fixtures, and seams
  • They have the ability to be installed over existing roof coverings without the need to remove the old material. This process makes the system very versatile and reduces the cost of removal and disposal of the old roof (therefore environmentally friendly) whilst also reducing installation times
  • Minimal disruption to business activities
  • Compatible with most roof designs and substrates
  • Resistant to UV degradation, and airborne pollutants
  • Generally available in a range of colours to meet designers’ requirements

Liquid Systems also offer the opportunity to coat and encapsulate existing asbestos roofs.

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