Infra-Red Surveys

Infra Red Surveys

Using ThermaCAM® P60 Infrared Camera By FLIR

Thermography is a non-destructive type of testing and is an invaluable resource for determining roof performance and predictive maintenance. The camera can assess flat roofs for damaged insulation and entrapped moisture allowing building owners to make an informed decision to action any defects.

An infrared survey will provide you with a detailed, impartial report highlighting exactly where the problems are. Whether you are tracking a leak, buying/selling a building, or simply looking for a cost effective refurbishment solution, Everlast Specialist Surveys can help you make the appropriate decision.

We can focus on specific areas to identify and locate the cause leaks, a highly cost effective technique which has proved invaluable to many clients as they are able to focus repairs in very specific areas, therefore reducing costs.

Features and benefits of thermal imaging roof inspections:

  • Locates any defects with the roofing membrane
  • Determines the extent of water ingress and damage within roof structures
  • Enables health checks on roofs at expiry of guarantee (leak free) to aid effective planned preventative maintenance
  • Enables effective verification of an installation once completed

Following on from the survey we produce a detailed report which highlights our findings. The report contains thermal images, digital images, and analysis and recommendations.