Hot Melt

Hot Melt

Everlast is experienced in installing hot melt roofing and structural waterproofing systems. This roofing system delivers an outstanding level of adhesion, strength and flexibility.

The hot melt itself is an advanced hot applied membrane manufactured from a specially formulated combination of refined bitumen, synthetic rubbers, fillers and other additives. Due to its non-solid state it is perfect for working into awkward areas details. This fully bonded application adheres seamlessly to the roof reducing the possibility of water tracking beneath the membrane.

Hot melt systems are one of the only roofing systems on the market to have “self healing” properties. The roofing membrane is able to repair most puncture damage itself, eliminating the need for patchwork maintenance.

Hot melt waterproofing has a successful track record stretching back over 40 years and is used by many specifiers today.

Benefits of the system include:

  • Formulated to last for the lifetime of the building or structure on which it is installed. No future replacement costs
  • Fully bonded and monolithic
  • Applied as a liquid directly to the deck
  • No risk of water tracking below the membrane as the system is completely seamless so no possibility of lap failure
  • No need to incorporate falls into a design meaning less cost, weight and time
  • Safe, speedy installation
  • No two part system to mix
  • Solvent-free formulation
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility and adhesion
  • Can be readily applied in temperatures down to -18ºC on a clean, dry, frost-free surface
  • Work can proceed during winter months, minimising lost construction time
  • Not affected by rain, snow or frost immediately after its application
  • Can be walked on immediately after installation of the system
  • Quality workmanship on every project

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