Managed Asset

Everlast Facilities Management (EFM)

A Facilities Management service provider who are proud to deliver total asset management, reactive and planned maintenance, small works and specialist projects.

Our Services:

All aspects of your building fabric and envelope needs including;

  • General building fabric repairs, maintenance and refurbishment inc; minor ceilings, flooring and joinery (internal & external doors, windows, ironmongery etc)
  • Roofing - missing or slipped slates / tiles, weather damage, pointing, flashing, temporary patch repairs through to end of life replacement / upgrades
  • Facias - repairs and end of life replacement / upgrades
  • Gutters, RWP - cleans and clearance, repairs and replacement
  • High access - Provision of MEWP, truck mounted, spider and alloy frame systems
  • Surveys - Specialist and condition surveys, non intrusive drone surveys

The Everlast Facilities Management is a new way to manage your capital expenditure and operating budgets for maintaining your roof assets. Its purpose is to facilitate increased cost efficiencies whilst simultaneously dealing with shrinking budgets and limited resource.

The EFM programme delivers:

  • Roof systems, dry and leak free for the period you specify.
  • Reduces your facility operating expenses for maintenance and repair.
  • Offers budget predictability in planning and maintaining your roof asset.
  • Provides you with a planned and strategic approach to managing your capital expenditure.
  • Delivers a quality single-source solution to meet your roofing asset needs.
  • Reduces your day to day roof maintenance demands, enabling you to concentrate on core activities.

Unlike traditional warranties which only offer limited repairs and short term coverage the EFM provides:

  • On-going diagnostics
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Backlog of required maintenance and repairs eliminated
  • Roof replacement, If beyond serviceable repair
  • Actually guarantees roofs will be leak free as it reduces your long term maintenance costs

This is done by Everlast assuming technical and financial responsibility for roof related leaks, for a fixed price. With financial interest on the line what better motivation is there, than delivering quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

It’s all about being pro-active, not just reacting.

Our EFM is delivered through a three stage methodology. This is detailed below in brief

Phase One:

We carry out a diagnostic based inspection and inventory of all your roofs that are to be covered by the EFM.

  • Thorough evaluation of the roofs via visual inspections.
  • Destructive and non-destructive tests are then conducted to determine underlying conditions (Troxler / Thermagraphic Surveys).

All information gathered during this phase is made available to you, which will include:

  • Condition Reports
  • CAD Drawings
  • Digital Photos
  • Specifications
  • Budget Plans

All this will enable you to set priorities and manage your roof assets proactively.

Phase Two:

Repair and/or replacement of roof components as appropriate, ensuring assets are brought up to appropriate standards.

  • It enables you to manage your operating costs more effectively, we do not replace any system prematurely, a common and costly decision in many roofing projects.
  • Roof systems are repaired, restored and replaced only as and when needed.
  • Elimination of emergency leak repairs and unplanned system replacements.

Phase Three:

Proactive, preventative maintenance and transfer of risk.

  • Everlast will assume complete responsibility for keeping your roofs leak free and your budgets predictable.
  • The outsourcing of this responsibility, allows you to manage your roof systems, and not the roof system to manage you.
  • The EFM provides a methodology, risk transfer and budget predictability.

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